Wicked Women

Each book in the Wicked Women series is about the empowerment of women. Though I love to read a good Erotica with a sexy Billionaire Dom, I wanted to put out books with a female dominate, aka FemDom!  Each book is a standalone and is filled with the smut we all love. Get your copy of each book HERE.


Being a FemDom…well, that came natural.

LIZ didn’t like being the center of attention, unless it was in the bedroom. It was only at play time that she was able to let herself be free.

Falling in love with another FemDom, that was the easy part.

TRU was dominate both in the bedroom…and out. Lawyer by day and FemDom by night, she didn’t take anyone’s crap or care about what they thought.

Sharing a male Submissive? The fun part.

Together, they completed each other and shared a love that most people were too scared to admit they fantasized about.

But ones fear of being openly gay—may cause love to walk away…

*Caution: This book contains light BDSM, Female Domination, and Male Submission*





Bound By Choice

A woman doesn’t know the true feeling of ecstasy
-until she’s been surrounded and taken by BBC…

Being naturally dominate in the bedroom, KAT has never given into her secret fantasy of being taken by some big…black…. cock.

Tonight, that is going to change.

She is about to give three men a night that they won’t soon forget…

*If you are looking for a love story, this is not it.*
*MMF Menage? How about a MMMF…*





Making Him Mine

James was someone I often found myself fantasizing about. The way his shirts hugged his muscles and his jeans showed off his best asset…what woman didn’t? So what if he was my husband’s boss…a girl can dream.

But when James plans a meeting so he can discuss my husband’s surprise promotion with me, I knew that dream could quickly become a reality.

He thought he would get the best of me-that I would blindly obey his commands.

How quickly the tables turned when he realized that I didn’t take orders…I gave them.
And I was about to Make. Him. Mine

*Caution: This book contains female domination, male submission, and is not a romance by any means. *

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