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memorioes2Forgotten Memories

Karma Tompkins, a Pixie Princess and her all too messed up life. As if witnessing her mother’s murder and not being able to remember the killer isn’t bad enough, she also has to deal with a forced marriage with a Vampire before she even comes to her full magical abilities and a war that has been plaguing her family since her mother’s death. But when a damaged and forbidden Fallen Angel comes out to try and save the day…everything spirals out of control.

DreamsForgotten Dreams

Karma’s life only gets more complicated when she blacks out and nearly drowns. The pain she can handle, but the feelings for the man that saved her life—is something she’s never experienced. But when she realizes he is one of the Fallen—who are blamed for her mother’s murder—nothing remains the same, not even her memories.

souls2Forgotten Souls

If you think escaping hell is hard…you should try breaking in.
When the man she loves sacrifices himself for her, Karma must cast herself into the deepest layer of Hell to save him from eternal suffering, even though getting out will be harder than she planned for since she is a Pixie and Hell is where her soul rightfully belongs.

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