Wicked Women

So I did it. I always swore I would never write Erotica, but I did. I now have three books out in my new series, Wicked Women.

First, I chose ‘Wicked Women’ because my series is all about the empowerment of women and about us taking control in the bedroom. There is an abundance of male doms in the Erotica genre (which I love, don’t get me wrong) but there is a large number of men that prefer to be the submissive as there is women who enjoy being the dominate.

Second, I really don’t remember what else I was going to say. FML.

Anyhoo, there are three books out there so far. Each book is FILLED with smut and are their own story, so you don’t have to read the first one to understand the second one. You don’t have to read them all, read what tickles your fancy 😉

I do hope you look at the Wicked Women series and enjoy! As always any reviews are greatly appreciated!


With love,


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